Mr. Pie and Twitter Pals

Pie in gardenPie

Mr. Pie
‘Top Cat’ and world famous feline.
Pie was born under a hedge in Haslington, Cheshire along with his sister Pudding. Pie is quite the celebrity- he has appeared on Television, radio as well as in magazines. He is “Top Cat” on Twitter. You have never met a cat like Pie!

His website is a must visit!


I am Santa’s Cat and I live at Christmas House with the reindeer, the elves, far too may fairies, a polar bear, a few other furry friends… oh, and Santa of course! I am a deeply magical cat – although that’s not unusual in Santa’s house as pretty much everything is magical, even the tables and chairs!

Come visit me at:


The Tardis Toms zoom around in time and space, with a well known doctor in tow. Benny and Fancy are their names, touring the universe is their game.

Find out more about these special cats at:

Dugal lives down under and was on the top ring of the “Three Aussie Cats” until recently….Visit his website to find out more:

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