The Wiskas Liberation Front is an international collective of socialist cats and sympathetic members of other species (including the odd human and at least one tortoise).

WLF Comrades resist the oppression of cats and campaign for prolific and high quality snacks, such as Dreamies, ham, cheese, sushi and tuna.

Regular patrols of territory, even if is limited to a windowsill, against incursions, are a requirement of every WLF Comrade. Our methods of defence include but are not restricted to widdling, pouncing, hissing and yowling. Although we praise the capture of vermin and insects, we do not condone cruelty or any form of violence.

Comrades demand the softest of cushions for our numerous, lengthy naps and periods of meditation to enable us to ponder the ideals of the proletariat as set out in the WLF Manifesto. Unfortunately, this document and our membership records have gone missing, so Comrades share information and tales of heroism each time they use the #wlf to attend a meeting on Twitter.

The WLF will use social media channels to oppose any injustice anywhere in the world whatever species those affected might belong to.

One comment

  1. Ulla

    Hi Mary I LOVE the Funny Pages – you are hilarious Crazy Cat Woman and the kitties are soooo funny. They look like easy cats to love and they are so beutiful. It was so good talking to you today. Say hi to John and have fun fun fun Miss you a lot, crazy girl

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